Tilly the Talespinner

Hermod Workshop 1

I am extremely passionate about the importance of stories and storytelling and as such get a tremendous amount out of sharing this with the next generation.

I have extensive experience of working in schools with children of all ages, spinning tales that both entertain and also help us to look at the world and ourselves in a different way .  Younger audiences particularly enjoy helping me to catch stories with my magical storycatcher.  This rather special upcycled old brolly serves as a wonderful visual representation of the way in which the whole world is connected through space and time by the incredible 'word wise web' of stories.

I also offer workshops which provide children with the opportunity to step into the world of stories, play, have fun and take their imaginations on an exciting journey.  For older children I also offer workshops to develop their skills in both creating and telling stories.

My aim is to provide a bespoke storytelling experience to suit the needs of your school.

Storytelling for Schools

"Tilly captivated the children and enticed them all to take part in a very hands on and interactive retelling of tales from near and far. She had an amazing ability to enthral her audience and hold the attention of all year groups. It has been a real pleasure to share her enthusiasm and energy for stories and we hope she will come back to inspire our pupils again soon."

Kendra Collier, Class Teacher and Literacy Coordinator at St. Mary's Junior School, Long Stratton

And from the children...


"I thought it was absolutely brilliant.  We did a lot of fun learning and I got to use my imagination a lot which I enjoy doing."


"It was very, very, very cool!"


"Can we do that again?!"

The visit was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!  The children were enthusiastic and inspired.  The structure of the day was excellent.  Thank-you for a wonderful experience.’

Pam Scott, Oake & Bradford CP School

fairy fair

My marvellous, magical storycatcher!

"Tilly the Talespinner is a regular at our Book Days and always proves to be hugely popular.  She comes with a wealth of stories, which she is continually adding to, and is happy to follow a theme or do her own thing.The children are used to being read to, but storytelling is magical and different; it is a joy to see all sorts of children enthralled and fully engaged."

Jo Brearly, Teacher/Librarian, Gresham's Prep School, Holt