Tilly the Talespinner

About Tilly

As a child growing up in the West Country I delighted in the thrill of visiting far and distant lands, meeting magical creatures and embarking on perilous journeys and all within the comfort of my own bedroom due to the magic of stories.  Whether they were cherished tales from my bookshelf or the local library or flights of my own fancy from my vivid young imagination, stories were a pleasure that I'm happy to say I never grew out of.


As an adult my own story has taken me on a journey through such varied landscapes as street performance, theatre in education, community theatre project leadership, children's theatre and solo theatre work.  Each one of these a different and exciting way to weave a world of stories.


In 2006 my story brought me to Norfolk where I have been spinning tales far and wide in a variety of settings ranging from classrooms and school halls to tipis and yurts, a woodland burial ground and even in an upside-down boat!


I am a member of the East Anglian Fabulation, a collective of storytellers who in 2015 staged the first East Anglian Storytelling Festival which is set to become an annual event showcasing some of the wonder-full range of storytelling talent in the region.


"Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving."

Madeleine L'Engle